Every Story Is A Love Story (Reprise) is the twenty-second and final song in Elton John's and Tim Rice's musical Aida.

Amneris, her story now completed, returns the audience to the present, while informing those who listened to her tale that Aida and Radames sacrifice helped make her into a good Queen who ended the war and hostilities between Egypt and Nubia.

As the show returns to its opening scene in the museum it becomes clear, the man and woman from the beginning are Aida and Radames reincarnated. The two approach one another as the curtain falls.


Amneris: From deep within the tomb, a gentle light still shone
Showing me my path as I ascended to the throne
Certain in my heart that ancient wars must cease
The lovers' deaths gave birth to a reign of peace

And their story
And my journey
And the lesson they provide
Draw their strength and inspiration
From a love that never died