"Part of Your World (Finale)" is the closing song of the Little Mermaid. It is the song played for Ariel and Eric's wedding day after the defeat of Ursula. Ariel meets with her father to say goodbye one last time. She and him hug, and she whispers the words, "I love you daddy." After which the chorus begins.

Broadway LyricsEdit

Tn-500 amermaidhd0023379

Prince Eric (Drew Seeley) and Ariel (Chelsea Morgan Stock) live Happily Ever After

And now at last,
love has surpassed,
each tribulation!

Mermaid and man,
finally can,
join and be one!

Now they can smile,
walking the aisle,
here at their wedding celebration!

Sailing forward!

Standing steady!

Starting life, completely ready!

And now they can be who they're meant to be!
Now they can gaze on a new horizon!
Here between ocean and sky!
Forever and on!

Now they can walk,
Now they can run,
Now they can stay all day in the sun!

Just you and me!

And I will be!

Part of your world!

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