How I Know You is the fifth song in Elton John's and Tim Rice's musical Aida.


Mereb: I grew up in your hometown, at least began to grow
I hadn't got to my first shave before the body blow
Egyptians in the courtyard, my family in chains
You witnessed our abduction, which possibly explains
How I know you
How I know you

Before that fateful morning, my family enjoyed
A privileged existence, for my father was employed
As advisor to the King, no less, which surely rings a bell
For as you are his daughter, you probably can tell
How I know you
Yes, I know you

Aida: You know too much, and what you say is better left unknown
And now I'm just a slave like you, our lives our not our own

Mereb: I never have abandoned, and nor I think could you
That spark of hope for freedom no terror can subdue

Aida: My only hope is silence, you've never seen my face

Mereb: No, you remain a princess in any time or place

Aida: You don't know me

Mereb: Yes, I know you

Aida: You don't know me

Mereb: How I know you
How I know you


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