If I Can't Love Her
If I Can't Love Her
from the musical Beauty and the Beast
Originally performed by
Composer Alan Menken
Lyrics Tim Rice
Performer(s) Beast
Length 4:06
Preceded by
Followed by

 If I Can't Love Her is a song sung by the Beast in the musical and also the Act I Finale. Belle, frightened for her life after the Beast's violent tantrum over her intrusion in the West Wing, has fled the palace. The Beast aware of his potentially fatal mistake realizes that he will have to change his ways if he ever wishes to break his enchantment. The Song is particularly famous for its spectacular element of the Beast Standing on a balcony looking out to the starry night sky!

Later, when Belle sees in the magic mirror that her father is in trouble, the Beast lets Belle go, dashing all his hopes of breaking the spell.


Beast: And in my twisted face

There's not the slightest trace

Of anything that even hints of kindness

And from my tortured shape

No comfort, no escape

I see, but deep within is utter blindness


As my dream dies

As the time flies

Love a lost illusion



Cold and driven

To this sad conclusion

No beauty could move me

No goodness improve me

No power on earth, if I can't love her

No passion could reach me

No lesson could teach me

How I could have loved her and make her love me too

If I can't love her, then who?

Long ago I should have seen

All the things I could have been

Careless and unthinking, I moved onward

No pain could be deeper

No life could be cheaper

No point anymore, if I can't love her

No spirit could win me

No hope left within me

Hope I could have loved her and that she'd set me free

But it's not to be

If I can't love her

Let thou world be done with me.

Reprise (soundtrack)Edit

No pain could be deeper
No life could be cheaper
No point anymore if she can't love me
No hope she would do so
No dream to pursue so
I look to myself
Despise all the things I see
For I know that she
Cannot set me free
Let the world be done with me

Reprise (stage)Edit

No spell has been broken
No words have been spoken
No point anymore if she can't love me
No hope she would do so
No dream to pursue, so
I finally know that I will always be
In this hopeless state
And condemned to wait
Wait for death to set me free

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