Like Father Like Son is the fifteenth song from Elton John and Tim Rice's musical Aida.

The song is an argument between Radames and Zoser. Radames has fallen in love with a Nubian Slave and Zoser warns his son that doing so could cost him his right as Pharaoh. Radames insist he does not care, and goes as far to denounce his father.


Ministers: Like Father Like Son

Like Father Like Son

Zoser: Don't come on so cocksure boy

You can't escape your genes.

There's no point in feeling pure boy

Your background intervenes.

Now listen good and listen straight.

You're not the master of your fate.

To this you must be reconciled

You'll always be your father's child.

At times recalimed, At times reviled

You'll wind up doing just what I'd have done.

Like Father Like...

Zoser and the Ministers: Son

Radames: Don't assume your vices

Get handed down the line

Though a parent's flow suffices

To condem the child's design.

I've don wrong I can't deny

But at least I know that I

Shouldn't blame it on my stock

Now this may come as quite a shock

But I'm no chip off any block

I wouldn't wish those words on anyone

Like Father Like...

Radames and the Ministers: Son

Zoser: Son you're nervous take my hand

All is settled all is planned

You've got the world at your command

I don't think you understand

Radames: I appreciate too well

The squalor at which you excel

It isn't very hard to tell

Evil's a distintive smell.

Zoser: He's lost all sense of reason

And why? Some foreign slut.

Not only is that treason

Some doors are slamming shut.

Now just me he's found that flesh

Can't excite but who will emnesh?

Once we rid him of this blight

Once that holours out of sight

Then I think he'll see the light

He won't walk back to daddy he will run

Like Father Like...

Zoser and the Ministers: Son.

Like Father Like Son

Like Father Like Son

Like Father Like...

Zoser: Son