"Like No Man I've Ever Seen" is a song from Tarzan: the Musical. It is sung by Jane Porter as she talks about Tarzan to her father, and by him as he is curious, amazed, and looking forward to meeting him.


Jane: This man is not like other men
Like no man I've ever seen.
You'll have to meet him to believe it.
I know just how you'll be.

Though he defies all gravity

(Professor Porter: Jane, can this be true?)

Jane: Like no man I've ever seen...

(Professor Porter: My word!)

Jane: He seems to fly, defying everything...

(Professor Porter: No!)

Jane: Like something in your dreams.

(Professor Porter: Good heavens!)

Jane & Professor Porter: Can this be true?

Professor Porter: This man, he sounds extraordinary.

(Jane: He is, father.)

Professor Porter: I'd love to meet him too.

(Jane: You shall.)

Professor Porter: Well, does he talk
Like you or I can?

(Jane: Well...)

Professor Porter: And what do you two do?

Jane: I know this...

He seems at one with nature.

(Professor Porter: That's good.)

Jane: Like no man I've ever seen.

(Professor Porter: Ooh, sounds quite nice.)

Jane: It seems he learned from all around him.
They're like his friends, you see.

(Professor Porter: Really?)

Jane & Professor Porter: Can this be true?

Jane: Oh, father.
Sometimes I wake at night
And see him there.
He lightens up the darkness, you will see.

Professor Porter: Oh, I can see.
Oh, daughter.
What's this I hear?
It seems he fills your heart with joy.
I see the symptoms in those eyes.
I feel so happy and proud of you inside.


We've both made our discoveries.

(Jane: Yes!)

Professor Porter: Though, I'll keep mine to myself.

(Jane: I'm not following you, daddy.)

Professor Porter: But if my instincts serve correctly,
I may have lost my girl.

(Jane: Oh no no no no no no.)

Jane & Professor Porter: Oh, this is what we've waited for.
We always knew one day.
This is the link we've both seen searching for.
It's just a breath away.

Can this be true?
Can this be true?
We'll see!