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Musical Tarzan
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Performance model
Inspiration Tarzan from the Tarzan novels

Tony Hawk Max Keane

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Personality Valiant, adventurous, resourceful, positive, bold, loving, fearless, dependable, curious, polite, playful, demonstrative, open-minded, mysterious, talkative, warm, caring, brave, kind, heroic, innocent, disobedient, obstreperous, selfless, righteous, big-hearted
Appearance Slender, handsome, muscular, barefoot, tan skin, long brown hair in dreadlocks, blue-green eyes, light brown loincloth
Occupation Leader of his gorilla family

King of the Jungle

Affiliations Good
Goal To find his place in the world (succeeded)

To protect his family and the jungle

Home The Jungle
Relatives His real parents (deceased)

Jane Porter (wife) Archimedes Q. Porter (father-in-law) Kerchak (adoptive father; deceased) Kala (adoptive mother) Terk (adoptive cousin) Kerchak and Kala's Baby Son (adoptive brother; deceased)

Allies Jane, Kala, Kerchak, Archimedes Q. Porter, Terk, Baboons, Tantor the Elephant, Clayton (formerly), Manu, Zugor, Flynt and Mungo, Basuli, Renard Dumont (sometimes), Hugo and Hooft ,Wander, Sylvia the Zbornak
Enemies Tublat, Clayton, Clayton's men, Baboons (briefly), Sabor, Queen La, Lieutenant Colonel Staquait, Muviro, Samuel T. Philander, Nuru & Sheeta, Zutho, Renard Dumont (sometimes), Lord Dominator
Likes Jane, adventures, swinging on vines, tree-surfing, having fun, protecting his family and friends, his friends and family, play-fighting Terk
Dislikes Danger, Sabor, causing trouble for his family, being tickled on his toes, Kerchak's stubbornness, hunters, poachers, leopards, his friends and family in danger, jaguars, discrimination, being separated from his friends and family
Powers and abilities Incredible physical strength and agility, powerful lungs, animalistic abilities
Weapons His dagger and spear
Fate Defeats Clayton, becomes the lord of the jungle and marries Jane

Tarzan is the main protagonist of the musical Tarzan.