Background information
Musical The Lion King
Portrayed by Max Casella
Portrayed by
Performance model
Inspiration Rosencrantz

Mercutio Samuel (biblical character)

Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Timon Berkowitz
Other names
Personality Comedic, cocky, self-praising, wise-cracking, outgoing, quick-thinking, heroic when necessary, generous, lazy, sentimental, impulsive, vain, cheerful, thoughtful, helpful, loyal, emotional, shiftless, clumsy, hyperactive, sarcastic, clever, short-tempered, ignorant, bossy, fun-loving, facetious, sassy
Appearance Slender, lanky ochre meerkat, both peach underbelly and palms, dark brown fingers, toes, and eyelids; trim on his tail's tip, light inside and black outside hanging ears, wide mouth, black eyebrows, wide slightly bulging eyes, red hair, thin neck, 5 tan horizontal markings vertically on his back.
Occupation Savior of his meerkat colony

Simba's guardian

Affiliations Good
Goal To live an easy-going, trouble-free life for as long as possible
Home Hakuna Matata Falls, Pride Lands

Jungle Paradise Meerkat Colony (formerly)

Relatives Tesma (wife)

Ma (mother) Timon's dad (father) Max (uncle or great-uncle)

Allies Pumbaa, Simba, Rafiki, Zazu, Ma, Uncle Max, Nala, Pridelanders, Fred, Kiara, Kovu, Vitani, Outsiders, Baampu (briefly), Speedy The Snail, Boss Beaver, Irwin, Kion, Bunga, Fuli, Beshte, Ono, Makini, Ma Tembo
Enemies Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, Hyena Clan, Zira, Nuka, Kovu (formerly), Vitani (formerly), Outsiders (formerly), Quint, Little Jimmy, Smolder the Bear, Boy Beaver, Toucan Dan, The Three Natives, The Native Chief, Cheetato and Cheetata
Likes Grubs, relaxation, an easy-going lifestyle, daydreaming, sleeping, singing, eating bugs, having fun, parties, freedom, helping and being there for his family and friends, money
Dislikes Hyenas, hard work, predators, carnivores, danger, Pumbaa in danger, too much responsibility, Pumbaa calling him Ramon, fish eggs, stink bugs, Zuka Zuma, problems
Powers and abilities
Fate Becomes a resident of Pride Rock in gratitude for partially saving Simba and the kingdom

Timon is a meerkat from The Lion King who lives a laid-back life. He lives with his best friend Pumbaa. When Simba runs away from home, he finds Timon and Pumbaa and they sing "Hakuna Matata." Nala comes and Timon realizes that Simba is falling in love with her. He and Pumbaa sing in the end of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" lamenting the fact that they are losing their friend. Simba runs away to confront Scar and Timon, Pumbaa, and Nala return to Pride Rock. Timon and Pumbaa distract hyenas, while Simba sneaks by and defeats his evil uncle Scar.

Timon was originally played by Max Casella.


Timon appears as a puppet controlled by an actor in green, the color used for camouflaging the plants. Unlike in the real film, he is orange instead of beige.

Backstory Edit

Before he met Pumbaa, Timon was working in the Meerkat Colony until he was an outcast of his colony.


In the Broadway musical adaptation to the film, Timon appears through the use of puppetry, and was originally portrayed by Max Casella.

His role in the story remains practically the same, along with Pumbaa, the only true difference being a few lines and a few gags being revamped such as the hula scene (which is, instead, the duo performing the Charleston).

However, in one particular scene, adult Simba begins wandering off into the jungle, prompting Timon and Pumbaa to follow him until he reaches a river stream, jumping across it with ease and recklessly dares Timon to do the same. Reluctant at first, Timon eventually agrees to, only to fall into the water and end up being horrifically taken down to a waterfall, hanging onto a branch in struggle and calling out to Simba for help, as Pumbaa worriedly watches on. Unfortunately, Simba is paralyzed by flashbacks of Mufasa's death, triggered by the sight of Timon in peril. Eventually, the branch snaps, but Simba still manages to rescue his friend, just in time; feeling extreme guilt for nearly causing yet another death because of his foolishness.